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2016 Georgia Training & Exposure Camp

The Court XIV team visited Atlanta, Georgia for the first annual Court XIV Training & Exposure Camp - Georgia.  Players from around the state showed up at North Gwinnett High School, unsure of what to expect.  It didn’t take long for players to realize that this camp was different.  Players were pushed to their limits, and  the Court XIV staff was impressed with the effort and willingness to accept coaching throughout the weekend.  We are excited to see the level of success the players experience this year, and the Court XIV team cannot wait to return to GA! 

Here are some camp standouts: 

Player's experienced pro-level training from Nathan Conley, one of the top trainers in the country! Court XIV is able to evaluate not only a player's skill level and athleticism, but also how they deal with adversity, how they accept coaching, how they lead, how they communicate, and more.  This allows Court XIV to give deeper evaluations to college coaches and scouts, and really benefit players who are fully committed to the game!

Daniel Sackey

High School: 22 Ft Academy (SC)
AAU: Canada Elite
Graduation Year: 2018

Thoughts: This was the Court XIV's team second look at Daniel, and the amount of improvement he displayed over the past month was tangible.  The 5'9" PG runs the show for a nationally competitive 22 Feet Academy, and, with the schedule Coach Gatewood has put together, he will have the opportunity to really burst on the national scene this season.   Daniel has elite level speed and quickness, and his overall athleticism allows him to get anywhere on the court he wishes.  He competes(!) to win every game or drill, possesses a strong court presence, and teammates love playing with him.  Daniel will become borderline unguardable as he develops a consistent outside jump shot.  

Mumin Tunc

High School: 22 Ft Academy (SC)
Graduation Year: 2017

Thoughts: This was the Court XIV's team second look at Tunc, and, like Sackey, Mumin's improvement over the period of a month was evident.  At 7'3", the Turkish native possesses good hands, footwork, and the ability to move like a smaller player.  As you can see in the highlight video, Mumin has nice form on his jumper, and looks comfortable shooting a one dribble pull-up.  It's obvious that his max potential is to be a player at the highest level, but we believe his success will be directly proportional to his commitment to the weight room.  He has to be considered one of the more intriguing prospects in the country.  22 Feet Academy's schedule will really allow for Mumin to improve and showcase what he can do. 

Antonio Myric

High School: Decatur HS (GA)
AAU: Georgia Knights
Graduation Year: 2017

Thoughts: We were impressed with Antonio's approach from the beginning.  He was focused and mentally prepared to go outside of his comfort zone.  The 5'9" PG displayed toughness and leadership ability throughout the two days of training.  Myrick has put in the work to have a strong frame, allowing him to get to the spots on the court that he wants to go.  He possesses the athleticism and strength to be a lockdown perimeter defender immediately.  As he continues to develop into a consistent outside threat, we see him as a hidden gem for college coaches.

Tajah Fraley

High School: 22 Feet Academy (SC)
AAU: Jerry Stackhouse Elite
Graduation Year: 2017

Thoughts: Tajah is physically impressive.  At 6'4, with long arms, his strength and athleticism can overwhelm opponents.  He has the ability to be a lockdown Division 1 level defender, with the ability to guard multiple positions on the floor.  He has a knack for getting to the rim and is a good finisher.  With improved consistency on his jump shot and improved ball handling, we can could confidently label Tajah a STUD.   

LaTrell Tate

High School: Osborne HS (GA)
AAU: Southern Stampede
Graduation Year: 2017

Thoughts:  The 6'1" point guard is long, athletic, and pushed himself beyond his normal limits in each drill throughout the weekend. His athleticism allowed for him to get by defenders and use multiple finishes around the basket or a nice pull-up midrange jumper.  LaTrell really competes on defense, and his length can really be an issue for opposing players.  As he works to improve his outside jumper and add strength, we expect a breakout senior season from LaTrell.

Kyran Rawson

High School: 22 Feet Academy
Graduation Year: 2019

Thoughts:  Kyran is another player that shows improvement each time we see him.  At 6'10" and a good frame, he has the demeanor and maturity that allows a player to reach their full potential.  Kyran is very skilled for his position, and has the IQ and passing capabilities to actually direct an offense in the half court set.  As he continues to add strength and improve his athleticism, we expect Division 1 college coaches to be all over him.  

Robert Ward

High School: North Cobb Christian (GA)
AAU: Atlanta Celtics
Graduation Year: 2020

Thoughts:  There were a number of certain Division 1 prospects in attendance for the training camp, and Robert Ward showed as much or more promise than any.  The freshman guard showed an advanced handle, and a knack for getting to the rim or anywhere he wanted to go on the court.  He can fill it up from the outside, and shoot off of the bounce.   Ward possesses quickness, and the ability to change speeds with explosiveness.  He was a key player for the Atlanta Celtics 14U national championship team this past summer, and as he adds strength to his frame we expect Robert to be a high level player.

Ta'San King - South Gwinnett (GA)/Atlanta Select

Peanut Cunningham - 22 Feet Academy (SC)/D1 Elite (KY)

DJ Smith - Duluth HS (GA)

These Players Also Caught Our Eye:

PLAYER: Ta'San King
HIGH SCHOOL: South Gwinnett (GA)
AAU PROGRAM: Atlanta Celtics
CLASS: 2018
The 6'6" big man with a good frame and a naturally strong body is not afraid to get physical.  Ta'San showed that he has the potential to average double digit rebounds per game, and the athleticism to be a nice pick-and-roll player.  We expect him to be an impact player as he continues to improve his strength and develops a nice touch.

PLAYER: Peanut Cunningham
HIGH SCHOOL:  22 Feet Academy (SC)
CLASS: 2017
Cunningham is a skilled, 6'2" guard that already possesses a Division 1 frame.  He plays like an experienced guard, and he will continue to prove that he belongs at the high levels as he continues to become a knockdown shooter.

PLAYER: Dylan Garrington
HIGH SCHOOL: Malcom Bridge MS (GA)
AAU PROGRAM: Atlanta Celtics
CLASS: 2021
Although in just 8th grade, Garrington was the best shooter (lights out!) at camp throughout the weekend.  He is mentally tough, and will be on college coach's radars as he grows and improves athleticism.

CLASS: 2018
Smith is a raw talent with good potential.  When DJ was locked in, he showed flashes of brilliance against very good, experienced competition.  He showed that he can slash and make plays. Smith is blessed with the natural ability to be as good as he decides he wants to be.  We would like to see him improve his strength and develop a consistent jump shot.  We love his game.

PLAYER: Chase Cormier
AAU PROGRAM: Atlanta Celtics
CLASS: 2022
Cormier was the youngest player at the camp, and never backed down from the competition.  The lefty has a smooth jumper with range, and is not afraid to get it off! We would like to see him continue to tighten up his handle.  Chase is a player we will be keeping our eye on. 

PLAYER: Jordan Lilley
CLASS: 2019
Lilley is another young player with a lot of potential.  The lefty showed the ability to get to the rim and to the mid-range for his jumper, and has good form that will allow him to be an all-around threat.  He will need to commit to the weight room and become more aggressive on both ends, but his future is bright!